Terms & Conditions

The travel terms amend Sections 651 et seq. German Civil Code (BGB) and regulate the legal relationships between you and us. They have been compiled on the basis of a recommendation of DRV (German Travel Federation) pursuant to Sect. 38 Economic Value Added (BGW) and are accepted by you upon booking. Any deviations in the respective travel description and the special catalogue notes take preference. Please read them carefully, as well as the subsequent text.

1. Registration and Confirmation
Upon booking (travel registration) you are offering us the conclusion of a travel contract. Basis for this offer are the travel description in the brochure and our possibly added information for the respective travel component, provided it is available to you. The booking also applies to all participants in the registration for whom you take responsibility if you have received this responsibility by an explicit or separate statement. The contract is concluded upon receipt of our statement of acceptance. Such does not require the written form. Upon conclusion of contract, or shortly thereafter, we will provide you with the printed travel confirmation. Hereto we are not obligated if the booking is placed less than 7 working days prior to the beginning of travel. In the event of a deviation of the content in the confirmation from the content in the registration, there is a new offer to which we bind ourselves for the duration of 10 days. The contract shall be made on the basis of this new offer, if you accept it by explicit consent, down payment or remaining payment within this binding period.

Please note our separately designated fees mentioned in point 5.2.

2. Payment
Payments of the travel price prior to the trip may only be made upon handing out the chattel paper in accordance of Section 651 k Paragraph 3 BGB. If the trip does neither last longer than 24 hours or neither includes an overnight stay nor does exceed the travel price of EUR 75,-, the travel price may also be requested without handing out the chattel paper.

Usually you are requested to pay 25% of the travel price upon closing of contract. This down payment is allowed for the complete travel price. Please pay the remaining travel price approximately 28 days prior to begin of travel. In case of payment with credit card, your account will be charged automatically at the respective due dates. You shall receive the travel documents after payment from your travel agency.
There may be earlier requests for payment indicated in the brochure description (e.g. for discount air fares, bookings at short notice i.e. 28 days or less prior to the beginning of travel). In some cities a city tax is due for travelers which has to be paid at the hotel. This fee does not apply for business travelers. In case of cancellation of the booking the entire cancellation fees are due immediately.

a) Credit card
The down payment of 25% of the travel price is charged promptly to the credit card upon closing of contract. The remaining travel price is debited automatically approximately 28 days prior to the beginning of travel.

b) Credit transfer
The travel confirmation and the chattel paper are sent to the given address together with the two remittance slips for the down payment and for the outstanding payment. The down payment has to be transferred with the respective booking reference number not later than10 days after the invoicing date. The remaining travel price is due 28 days prior to the beginning of travel. In case of non-payment (down payment or remaining payment), paying only partially or not at due date we are entitled after the overdue notice to rescind from the travel contract and to charge you the cancellation fees pursuant to clauses 5.1. and 18. If you have booked a holiday home the landlord is entitled to demand an appropriate deposit for any service charges or any possible damages upon handing over the holiday home.

We only accept credit card payment for bookings on short notice (28 days or less days prior to the begin of travel) and for special travel components (e.g. discount airfares) unless indicated otherwise (“SPEZIALTARIF”). If you need more detailed information our service team is pleased to help:

Tel.: +49 69 9588-1912
(Monday to Friday 09:00 a.m. - 05:30 p.m. CET)

3. Travel itineraries and booked services
The scope of the booked travel services as contracted result from the respective description in the brochure, the given general information and the detailed information provided in the travel confirmation. These indications are binding for us. We do, however, reserve the right to change these indications before concluding the contract of travel for objectively valid, significant and unforeseeable reasons. Certainly, we will give you notice about the changes before booking.

4. Changes of Services and Prices
4.1 Changes of Services
Changes or deviations of single travel components from the agreed content of the travel contract (e.g. changes of flight schedules or travel itineraries) which were necessary after entering a contract and which were not caused by us against good will and faith, are permitted, provided that these changes are not substantial and limit the entire design of the journey. Any possible warranty claims remain unaffected, provided that the changed services have deficiencies. We will inform you immediately of any service changes or deviations. In case of a substantial change of one or more travel components, you are entitled to rescind from the contract without any cancellation fees or to demand the participation in a travel component of an equivalent or higher value if we are able to allocate the travel components without any additional costs. Please claim these rights immediately after our statement about the changes of the travel components, the whole journey or the cancellation of the journey.

4.2 Changes of Prices
We reserve the right to alter the prices which were advertised and confirmed in the booking process in case of an increase in transport costs or a change of the conditions for particular services, such as port and airport fees or an alteration in the relevant exchange rate for the respective journey, as follows:

In case of a change in currency exchange rates after conclusion of the contract, the travel price may be raised to the same extent as the cost of the journey have increased for us. An increase is only permissible if the time distance between the conclusion of the contract, we are entitled to increase the travel price proportionally.

Should the transport costs, in particular fuel costs, increase after conclusion of the travel contract, we are entitled to increase the travel price according to the following calculation:

a) In the case of an increase in the seat price, we may demand that the traveller pays the difference.

b) In other cases, the additional transport costs demanded per vehicle will be shared based on seat numbers. We are entitled to request the price difference from the traveller for their individual seat. Should existing costs, e.g. port or airport taxes, be raised after conclusion of the contract, we are entitled to increase the travel price proportionally.
In case of a change of the travel price after the conclusion of the contract we are obliged to inform you promptly. Price increases occurring less than 20 days before the departure date are invalid. Should the price be increased more than 5% you are entitled to withdraw from the contract without any fees. Alternatively you are entitled to demand a travel component of an equivalent or higher value if we are able to allocate the travel components without any additional costs. Please claim your rights immediately upon receiving notification of the change in services or cancellation of the journey.

5. Rescission by the Customer, Fees, Rebooking, Substitute Traveller
5.1 Rescission
You can rescind from the travel at any time prior to the begin of travel. You have to state that rescission in written form to the address listed at the end of this travel terms and conditions. If the journey was booked through a travel agency, the rescission may also be declared there. It is recommended to declare the rescission in written form.
If you rescind from the travel contract or do not start your journey we are entitled to claim compensation for the travel arrangements and expenditures. Please consider that our claims for compensation consist of regular saved expenditures and possible other arrangements which have been made. The amount of these cancellation fees are listed in the section 18 of these terms and conditions. You have the right to prove that the damage was much smaller than the claimed cancellation fees.
We reserve the right to demand a higher, more specific compensation as stated in the section 18 of the terms and conditions. In this case we are obligated to specify and quantify the requested compensation subject to the saved expenses and other possible dispositions of the booked travel components.

5.2. Fees and charges
If you wish to change your reservation after booking concerning date of travel, destination place of departure, accommodation or means of transportation, the same costs as in case of a cancellation will occur. Therefore we have to calculate the costs based on the same rates as for a cancellation at the time of rebooking. Please note the following scale of fees:

1. Manually issued bookings by the Service Team - provided that the desired hotel/date is bookable online - will be charged with a service fee of EUR 5,- per booking order.

2. Invoice changes will be charged with a handling fee of EUR 10,-  per invoice document.

3. Reservation changes (arrival and departure date, room category, name changes) will be charged with handling fee of EUR 18,- per booking.

4. Cancellation fees will be charged with a fee of EUR 25,- per cancelled room. A change of reservation to another hotel will be treated as a cancellation.

5.3 Substitute
Traveller Until the beginning of travel each of the booked passengers may be replaced by a third party as long as we are informed. We can however refuse to substitute the passenger if this third person does not comply with travel requirements or if his/ her participation is prohibited by law or official (e.g. court) orders.
Please note: The air fare of airline tickets which had to be issued right after booking is only valid at the time of booking. In case of rebooking the air fare which has been confirmed primarily is not valid anymore. Generally, additional costs might occur. This rule applies also for combined travel components and therefore for the total amount of the travel price (e.g. if a flight ticket has been combined with an accommodation or a rental car). You’ll receive more information and restrictions that might apply to the ticket in the respective air fare details.
If a substitute traveller enters into the contract, you and the substitute traveller thereby accept being co debtor for the total amount of the travel price and for the additional costs occurring by the entry of a third party into the contract.

5.4 Written Form
Cancellations, rebooking and substitutions of travelers have to be addressed in written form.

6. Not used travel components
If you were not able to use single travel components either because you have returned home earlier or due to other urgent events/emergencies, you have no right to claim for refund. However, we will endeavour to contact our service providers to request for a refund of the saved expenses. This obligation does not apply in case of negligible services or if a refund would contravene any legal or official ordinance. In case of refunding original vouchers for travel components which have been sold by us as broker (e.g. for hotel chains, car rental) please refer to the sections 5.1 and 18 under “Cancellation" and "Cancellation clauses".

7. Rescission and termination by the tour operator
We are entitled to rescind from the travel contract prior to travel in the following cases or terminate the travel contract after begin of travel:
a) Without compliance of the agreed period of time, if the traveller is disturbing strongly the accomplishment of the journey despite our warning or if he behaves contrarily to the contract to an extent hat justifies the immediate termination of the contract. If we terminate the contract, we reserve the right to claim the travel price. However, we are obliged to count against the value of the saved expenses and other advantages which we receive by an alternative disposition of the travel components (including as well the amounts credited by the service providers).
b) Until 28 days before the beginning of travel, in case of a non achievement of the minimum number of participants (provided that in the travel description and the travel confirmation there has been made a clear reference to the minimum number of participants and the point in time until when we are obligated to give notice as agreed in the contract). In any case we are obligated to inform you immediately if the journey can’t be realised as a consequence of the above mentioned requirements for the rescission. We are obliged to send you the cancellation notice as soon as possible and will reimburse the payment of the travel price immediately. In case of ascertaining apparently at an earlier point in time that the minimum number of participants can not be reached, we shall inform you about this immediately.

8. Rescission due to force majeure
If at the time of conclusion of the travel contract the journey is substantially impeded, jeopardised or interfered by force majeure, you as well as we may rescind the contract. If the contract is cancelled we may demand a proportionate compensation for the travel services already provided as well as for the outstanding travel components. We are obliged to take the required measures to provide you with the transportation back home, particularly if the individual contract includes the conveyance. The additional costs of transporting travellers back home have to be shared 50/50 by us, DERTOUR, and you, the customer. Any additional costs that have been incurred are at the expense of the customer.

9. Liability of the Tour Operator (Liability Limitation)
9.1. Contractual Liability Limitation

Our contractual liability for damages which are not bodily damages is limited to the triple travel price,

a) Provided that a damage to the traveller was not caused by us intentionally or through gross negligence, or

b) Inasmuch as we are responsible for a damage caused to a traveller solely on the fault of a service provider.

9.2. Contractual Tort Liability Limitation
Our tort liabilities for damages which are not based on intent or gross negligence are limited to the triple travel price. The maximum liability sum applies respectively to each customer and travel. Any possible additional claims in connection with travel luggage are untouched pursuant to the Montreal Convention.

9.3. Liability Exclusion for External Services
We are not liable for service interruptions, personal and material damages in connection with services which were only brokered as external services (e.g. excursion, sport events, theatre visits, exhibits, transportation services from and to the listed departure and arrival places), if these services were explicitly listed in the travel description and the booking confirmation and by stating the brokered contract partner as external service clearly as is not part of our travel service.

However we are liable
a) for services which include transportation from the listed place of departure of the travel to the listed travel destination, interim transportation during the travel and the accommodation during the travel.

b) If and insofar as the damage that arose to you is a consequence of the breach of duties of information or organisation by us.

10. Warranty
10.1 Relief and duty to participate
In the event that the journey is not performed as contractually agreed you are entitled to request relief. Hereto your participation is required – regardless of our primary duty to perform. For that reason you are obligated to do all in your power to contribute to the removal of the defect and to keep the possibly arising damage to a minimum or to prevent it. You are especially obligated to state your complaints immediately. Please contact hereto your local representative at the respective travel destination (see travel documents). If the travel documents do not contain any information regarding local representatives, please get in contact with us as soon as possible! You can reach TRADEFAIRS.com under the phone number +49 69 9588-1912 and/or under the number stated in your travel documents:
Monday - Friday 09:00 a.m. 05:30 p.m. CET
Fax +49 69 9588-1913

Please indicate in any event the travel number listed in the voucher/rental agreement as well as the travel destinations, the travel data, and the above-stated extensions.

10.2 Reduction of the Travel Price
For the duration of a non performance of service which have been agreed contractually you can claim a respective reduction of the travel price (reduction). The refund will not be given if you are guilty of neglecting the indication of the deficiencies.

10.3 Termination of the Contract
If the journey is substantially limited due to a deficiency and if we do not remedy the claim within an appropriate period of time, you are entitled to terminate the contract pursuant to the legal travel terms and conditions of the travel contract. In this case you owe us the amount of the already provided travel components provided that this service was not meritless to you.

10.4 Claims for Damages
Regardless of the reduction or the termination you are entitled to claim damages for non-performance, unless we are not responsible for the damage of the trip.

10.5 Lost, damaged or delayed luggage
In the event of a damage, loss or delay of luggage we recommend urgently to report the claim to the respective airline by use of a notice of claim (P.I.R.). Usually airlines refuse an adequate compensation if the PIR has not been filled out. In case of a loss of luggage the notice of claim has to be filled out within 7 days after handing over the notice of claim. In case of luggage delay the claim has to be filled out within 21 days after handing over the PIR. Furthermore, the loss, the damage or delay of luggage has to be reported to the local representation or the tour guide of the tour operator.

11. Exemption of claims and statute of limitation
You can report any claims of non-performance of contractually agreed travel components within one month after the contractually scheduled termination of the travel. Upon expiration of that period you can only file claims if you were indisposed from keeping the date limit without fault. However, this does not apply for the period of indicating luggage damages, delivery delays of luggage or loss of luggage in connection with flights. In your own interest you should assert your claims in written form. Your claims have a statute of limitation of one year pursuant to Sections 651 c until 651BGB (German Civil Code).The statute of limitation begins with the day in which the travel should have ended pursuant to contract. If there are negotiations between you and us regarding the claim or the facts substantiating the claim, then the statute of limitation is stopped until you or we refuse the continuation of the negotiations. The statute of limitation shall commence at the earliest 3 months after termination of the interruption.

12. Obligation to Provide Information about the Identity of the Executive Aerospace Company; (so-called "Black List")
Under EU directives regarding the provision of information for air passengers about the identity of the aerospace company involved in their flight, we are obliged to inform you of the identity of the operating airline, as well as all other air travel components combined with the booked flight. Should the operating airline not be known at the time of booking, we are obliged to name to you the airline or airlines that will most likely be operating your flight. We will let you know immediately when we know which airline will be providing the flight. Should the operating airline change from the one initially named, we will inform you of this change without delay. The so-called “Black List” may be found on the following website, among others:


13. Regulations regarding passport, visa, customs, currency and health
13.1 We are obligated to inform citizens of a state of the European Union in which the travel is being offered about the regulations pertaining to passport, visa, and health regulations prior to the conclusion of the contract as well as about any possible changes prior to the beginning of the travel. For citizens of other states the respective consulate will provide that information. It is thereby expected that no special cases are at hand regarding your person and any possible fellow travellers (e.g. double nationality, stateless state).

13.2 The procurement and carrying along of the necessary travel documents, any possible vaccinations as well as the observance of customs and currency regulations are entirely your responsibility. Any disadvantages which result from non-compliance of these regulations, e.g. the payment of cancellation costs shall be borne by you. This does not apply in case that we are fault for not informing you, or insufficiently or wrongly.

13.3 We do not accept liability for the issuing of visas on time by the relevant diplomatic representatives or for your access to them, even if you have charged us with the provision of the documents. We are liable when we are guilty of violating our own obligations.

14. Venue
German law applies exclusively to the contractual relationship agreed with you. This also applies to the entire legal relationship. In case that you file a lawsuit against us abroad for the liability to which German law does not apply, the German law applies yet again regarding the legal consequences, especially regarding form, scope, and amount of claims.

15. Insurances
15.1 Insolvency Insurance
We are only entitled to request from you payment of the travel prices if it is ensured that in case of cancellation of the travel services due to inability to pay or insolvency of the travel company the paid travel price and necessary expenses for the return of the travel are going to be reimbursed (Sect. 651 k BGB). Consequently we have closed insolvency insurance at Deutsche Reisepreis-Sicherungsverein WaG (DRS). The insurance certificate which ensures you in case of inability to pay or insolvency of the travel company the direct claim against the insurer will be sent to you no later than with the shipping of the travel documents.

15.2 Travel Insurance
Please take into account that the travel prices listed do not include a travel cancellation insurance (RRV) and/or additional costs for insurance (incl. alternate travel). If you rescind from your travel prior to the beginning of travel, we will claim cancellation costs. In case of travel cancellation you might have additional return costs and other charges. For that reason we recommend the conclusion of a special DERTOUR Travel Insurance at EUROPÄISCHE Reiseversicherung AG. It covers the travel cancellation insurance and broad services including an emergency telephone number operating day and night.

16. Place of Jurisdiction
16.1 The place of jurisdiction for claims brought against us by our customers is Frankfurt am Main.

16.2 It has also been agreed that Frankfurt am Main is the place of jurisdiction for claims brought against customers and other partners in the travel contract, including traders, juristic persons of public or private status or people who live abroad or whose habitual residence is not known at the time of institution of proceedings.

16.3 The regulations above do not apply,
a) if and in so far as other conditions apply to the travel contract for the benefit of the customer, which are covered by contractually incontestable regulations made by international agreement, or
b) if and in so far as conditions apply to the travel contract that were set out in contractually incontestable regulations made in the EU country in which the customer resides are of a higher benefit for the customer than the aforementioned regulations or the corresponding German provisions.

17. Data privacy
All data provided by you which are important to handle the booking process and the journey are protected against violation according to the German law.

18. Cancellation clause
(see clause 5.1)
The amount charged in case of a cancellation depends on the respective travel component. Further information about the cancellation fee for each travel component can be found in the detailed description in the brochure. Please note that the details contained in the description may be subject to variation. If you have combined several travel components (e.g. flight and tour) the cancellation fees have to be calculated separately and added subsequently.