Booking conditions for DERTOUR Rail Tickets

for round trip within Germany in combination with a hotel arrangement.

A DERTOUR rail ticket from any German DB railway station can be booked at a discount in combination with a hotel booking via TRADEFAIRS if the room is booked up to 15 work days before the departure date. In conjunction with this room booking, a so-called DERTOUR rail ticket from Bahn AG can be used for travelling to and from the accommodation destination. Please specify your departure railway station for this purpose.

The DERTOUR rail ticket is valid for the German railway network of Deutsche Bahn AG. The price of the DERTOUR rail ticket for domestic routes is divided into various rate zones depending on the distance in kilometres. The price does not include a seat reservation. Please make a reservation for your seat before departure directly at the railway station, at a travel agency or via the Deutsche Bahn website. You are also welcome to send your reservation request to us by e-mail.  

The following price schedule shows the round trip rail prices for domestic routes according to rate zones. The distance information refers to rail kilometres within Germany, one way:


without BahnCard

with BahnCard

1st Class

2nd Class

1st Class

2nd Class

up to 400 km

119.00 EUR

74.00 EUR

99.00 EUR

52.00 EUR

401 to 600 km

199.00 EUR

121.00 EUR

179.00 EUR

101.00 EUR

as of 601 km

246.00 EUR

151.00 EUR

226.00 EUR

131.00 EUR

Valid from 01.11.2015 to 31.03.2016

The prices above are for a round trip for one traveller in the selected class via the shortest, direct route including all surcharges. There is no binding commitment for a specific train. The price does not include a seat reservation. Please note that there is a reservation obligation for certain routes/trains (e.g. ICE Sprinter).

The DERTOUR rail ticket entitles you to travel by rail on all trains including the ICE without a binding commitment for a specific train.  This ticket does not entitle you to use the services of private railway companies. Different prices may apply for trains with a global pricing system and a reservation obligation (e.g. City NightLine, ICE Sprinter, Thalys etc.).

The tickets are valid for 2 days for each travelling direction respectively. The journey can be interrupted en route as long as the destination is reached within 2 days and the route taken is not a detour. With DERTOUR rail tickets a minimum stay of one day between the outward and the return journey is required. The maximum stay in combination with a valid DERTOUR rail ticket is 1 month.

The following cancellation fees apply for DERTOUR rail tickets:

25 % of the total price

until the 22nd day before departure

35 % of the total price

from the 21st until the 8th day before departure

50 % of the total price

from the 7th until the 3rd day before departure

80 % of the total price

as of 2 days before departure